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Hi friends,
Lately I’ve been writing, singing, recording and then singing some more….. Now I’m fluttering with anticipation, ready to announce that my second CD is set to be released this spring! My amazing band and I went in deep on these arrangements, and I cant wait for your ears to meet our newly birthed audio creatures. That’s right. The songs got a life of their own.

By offering you, my amazing fans, my new record via PledgeMusic, I’m thrilled to involve you in the process of releasing the record and offer you much more interesting and unusual items than ever before. Every order will come with a download of the record and also get you access to a backstage area we’re going to fill with bonus content. Sound goooooood?

Your pledge will PRE-ORDER the album and unlock the behind-the-scenes-making-of-how-it-really-happened-inner-workings-under-ground-world of this record. Sigh. We sure will have fun along the way.

When you pledge you will automatically gain access to a series of extras like unreleased tracks, studio footage, rough mixes, photos and more.

We are doing this because y’all are the reason for this music existing, and because of that I want to open this process up wide.

So, what do ya say? Be my sonic sweethearts! Looking forward to releasing this album with YOU and spending the new few months on this shinning road together!
xo Meklit

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